San Diego : Finest City Improv Theater

In this article I will briefly write about the Finest City Improve Theater

Finest City Improv Theater is a small comedy club located in beautiful San Diego. After a long day traveling and backpacking through the woods and mountains it’s always nice to stop by a comedy theater to end your day.

The Show:

The show is address towards a mature audience of age 17 or older. There may be foul language used in the show.

On Fridays they have Improve cage match. Tickets are about $10-$11 online.

Classes they offer:

For those that are interested in participating, City Improve also has classes for beginners to intermediate levels to learn the the useful skills of this trade. It is recommended that students register one month ahead and plan accordingly to get your time and money’s worth.

For more information on pricing , be sure to check out their website for more information.

The best thing about being a student at Finest City Improv is that you get free admission to most of the shows at the theater!

The next 7 week class session starts every Sunday from 2-4pm March 5th. It will cost about 219$ or more depending on how late you register.

Reviews from Yelp:

Some Positive Reviews from fellow Yelpers! Hopefully it helps!
Here’s a one star review from a fellow yelper!


Think you got what it takes to be a comedian? Looking for a challenge or a short weekly vacation to spice up your life? Then sign up for those classes and attend their shows!


For more information please visit:

  2. 619-306-6047
    Thursdays – Sundays
    6:30ish to 11:30ish

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