San Diego Travel : Petco Park, Baseball and Motor Sports!

In downtown San Diego there is a place called Petco Park. In this issue I will share two things about petco park!

If you are into baseball you can visit Petco Park and watch baseball games!

Source from Tripadvisor


Although Petco park was made mainly for baseball games, there are other events that are held here as well. One event is called the Monster Jam.

If you are interested in watching cars bumping into each other and doing crazy stunts you might want to stop by the Monster Jam event that is held at Petco park.

Click here to visit the monster jam webpage!


Tips for getting to petco:

If you are driving and want to save money parking, Follow these tips below!

  1. Take the bus/trolley
  2. Purchase tickets from people leaving parking structures for a lower price (make sure the date/time is valid)
  3. Park at a street parking meter
  4. Park a trolley stop and take the trolley to petco park


Thank you for reading!  And travel safe!

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